I’m jumping out of a plane!

Yes, you read it right. On 7th May, I’m skydiving for the mental health charity ‘Mind’. My fundraising target is £500, which is enough money to keep the Mind Helpline open for 24 hours – just think of the people that could save and support.

Why did I choose to skydive? Couldn’t you have done a fun run?!
I’ve done charity runs many times before, so I wanted a fresh and very challenging challenge. My two biggest fears are planes and heights, so I thought ‘why not take to the skies and jump out of a plane from 10,000 feet?!’ I wanted to push my own limits, plus it is likely that I will raise more sponsorship from a bigger and tougher event.

As a sufferer of poor mental health, I understand why charities like Mind need more money. I have first‐hand experiences of waiting months for therapy sessions, not receiving scheduled phone calls from therapists because they were inundated, and trying to find a local self‐help group, only to find there is just 1 in my county. I want to improve people’s encounters with mental health charities and therapy providers. There is just not enough support in this sector, and if I can make a small difference then I will gladly do whatever I can.

Now it’s your turn to make that difference, even if it’s small. 

You can sponsor my skydiving event here: http://www.justgiving.com/sarahskydivemind

Thank you.